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Rexel Shredders

From deluxe personal models - that fits comfortably under the desk, to high volume office shredders � that handle up to 500 sheets in one load - Rexel shredders are engineered with advanced anti-jam technology to meet all your needs.

Rexel Guillotines & Trimmers

Offering a range of guillotines & trimmers for the home & office

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Rexel�s range of shredders, laminators, guillotines & trimmers and binders take product quality to a whole new level. The Rexel range of high quality products are perfect for all your workspace needs - whether in a large office or at home.

Rexel Product Focus...

Shredders that think for themselves

Paper jams, annoying aren't they? Mess on the floor and hours wasted unblocking them.

Not any more. Revolutionary New Mercury Technology from Rexel is about to stop all that.

The brightly lit paper entry warns you whether you are trying to shred too much in one go. Red light means stop, too much paper! Remove some sheets

Get the green light and you're ok to go - no risk of jamming. That means no more fiddling around trying to clear the jam or wasting time picking up the mess left behind. One less thing to worry about!

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Rexel Products from A1stores

Home, Office and Industrial Paper Shredders

The Rexel shredders are high quality, reliable, durable and powerful. With a comprehensive range of personal, home office, office, departmental, heavy duty shredders for every requirement both at home and in the office. Rexel's range of strip cut and cross cut paper shredders offer a host of functions which boast the technology that Rexel has created with product satisfaction in mind such as the auto start stop 'traffic light' system seen on the Mercury range.

Guillotines and Precision Rotary Trimmers

The Rexel guillotines and trimmers have been designed with a user-friendly stylish approach to continue the success Rexel have had with the design of the shredders, binding machines and laminators. All the guillotines and trimmers are available in A4 and A3 sizes to suit your requirements.

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